6 Pro Tricks To Make Flowers Last Longer

6 Pro Tricks To Make Flowers Last Longer

Extend the life of your bouquet by following these tips

Get a bouquet of flowers for your anniversary? Or birthday? Whatever the occasion is, you want to keep them beautiful as long as possible. It doesn't matter whether you’re growing flowers in your garden or purchasing your flowers from our flower retailer we want to help you make your flowers last. These simple and easy tips will help you preserve your flowers so they last longer and extend the happiness they bring into your life and home.

Step 1: Always cut the stems before placing in water

When you purchase flowers, you should always cut the stems before putting them in water. If you are buying an arrangement from our professional florist, they should already be cut, and your flowers will be good for a few days.  Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to increase the surface area and allow for greater water flow. However, it is still important to clip the stems after a few days to allow fresh water to penetrate the flower's stem. Do replace your water every couple of days. 

Step 2: Cut or remove the extra leaves

Before you placed your cut flowers in a vase, remove all lower leaves from flowers so there won't be any in the water. Eliminating the foliage will decrease any bacteria in the water, helping keep the water clean and free of foul odors. This will also allow the focus of the bloom on the flowers, enabling them to stay fresh longer. 

Step 3: Choose the right size vase or container

Picking the correct vase size is an essential element in the life of your cut flower arrangement. Lighter, more fragile cut flowers belong in a taller vase. Cut heavy blooms short, and place them in a low vase where they'll have extra room to spread out.

Step 4: Nurture your flowers with a flower food

Instead of buying flower food packets, you can concoct your own DIY formula. The most popular recipe is to fill your vase with three parts water, one part Sprite (for sugar), and a few drops of bleach to kill bacteria. Another common flower food recipe is to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of sugar, and half a teaspoon of bleach into a quart vase of water.

Step 5: Remove dying flowers

There will be a time when some of your flowers will start to fade and turn dark. After several days, you may notice some individual flowers begin to wilt or die. Remove the dead or dying blooms as they will begin to contaminate the healthy flowers. By doing so, will keep your flowers looking fresh longer.

Step 6: Keep your flowers out of harsh environment

Refrain from placing your fresh flowers in direct sunlight. Display your bouquet in a cool, draft-free area helps to preserve the blooms as opposed to bright, direct sunlight and heat.


Additional pointers

Do you know that flowers Decrease StressThe sight of flowers makes us smile, and the scent of flowers can make us relax and less anxious, too. Breathing in the sweet fragrance of flowers has a relaxing and stress-reducing effect, and it's well researched that flowers bring moments of tranquility and calm.  



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