GFS Atelier is a leading store that offers a wide range of Gourmet, Flowers and Scented Gifts.

Gourmet hampers

We source from European factories and artisanal studios for quality-assured and trusted brands while keeping prices accessible to most. We seek to provide the trifecta of anticipation, excitement and happiness to your valued recipient as he/she unboxes the hamper.

We all know the feeling of anticipation and excitement as one opens the coveted gift box, especially when it is a pleasantly unexpected gift. Be it big or small, it warms the heart and connects the sender with the recipient. The specially curated hamper will bring people together, enjoying the food and wine while celebrating life’s precious moments. These hampers also come with a personalized gift card which makes for a fast and convenient way to convey your heartfelt wishes and regards to your treasured recipients.


At GFS Atelier, we specialize in providing fresh and preserved flowers for all of life’s special occasions. We source for flowers of the highest quality, specially selected by our in-house floral artisans. Mastering the art of producing gorgeous floral arrangements with unique designs, our dedicated florists and professional team have exquisite attention to detail.


Natural scents, perfumes and cosmetics from Plantes & Parfums of Provence, France; ethically sourced certified organic skincare and aromatherapy oils from The Aromatherapy Company of England; and luscious soaps from Florinda of Milan, Italy, are but a few of our specially curated top brands from Europe. Our scented selections are crafted to care for your mind, body and well-being.

 A gift from GFS Atelier helps you share the joy and build connections with family, friends, colleagues and business associates.